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Medical Aesthetic

Eyebag Treatment - Non-surgical treatment for eyebag using microinsulated needle

It takes just a quick glance for someone to evaluate and judge you to make the first impression. In this short time, the other person forms an opinion about you based on a wide range of characteristics. In spite of populations from different cultures, there are several first impression characteristics that are universal across cultures and one of them is physical appearance. The “beautiful is good” effect is a very contemporary phenomenon when dealing with first impressions of others.

Although we can’t stop the hands of time, the factors responsible for visible aging can be controlled and AGNES provides a new concept of skin care & treatment for eye bags and eyelids wrinkles naturally created as time goes by.


Eyebag Treatment & Periorbital Wrinkles reduction by AGNES

In the past, the wrinkles were considered as a part of natural beauty, but they are not any more. In modern times, they have looked for the age-defying-solution to have younger looking appearance. By this reason, the periorbital wrinkles become the common interest and foeman of women for its difficulty of improvement and removal.

An integrated medical-aesthetic approach of AGNES induces the neocllagnesis by stimulating the dermis only and improves the periorbital wrinkles by increasing the elasticity of skin while the thin epidermis is protected from any skin burns. The thickness of eyelids is clinically very significant because it is too thin(less than 1mm) to be treated through laser, HI-FU and other cooling system equipped devices which requires the minimum thickness of 1.5mm for its energy to be applied effectively. Now you understand why your treatment result with those devices was not constantly stable and predictable.

As the eyebag becomes puffy and noticeable as people gets older, it makes them look tired and spiritless. Actually eyebag is a mere herniation of fat compartment by low tension between skin and orbital septum through aging process. The crucial consideration of eye bag treatment with AGNES is to tighten up the skin layers and remove the fat non-surgically.

The eye bag treatment modality with AGNES simultaneously improves wrinkles and fat herniation without incision of skin. While collagen generation is induced and the inner skin layer is contracted without damage onto the outer skin, the infraorbital fat is combusted by fulguration through injecting insulated needles into the fat pocket. By this mechanism, the herniated fat compartment gets pushed into its original position in eye sockets without surgery.

The result of treatment modality is evaluated generally by its repeatability, predictability, effectiveness and patient’s satisfaction.
AGNES understands these crucial considerations and brings the ultimate solution to help physicians, dermatologists and plastic surgeons in the field.

DISCLAIMER: Results may vary based on individual circumstances.